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Re: Beginning Digital B&W

I was going to reply earlier but Graham beat me to it! In general I agree with his comments.

The swans don't do it for me on any level, I'm afraid. There's just too much going on there.

The other two shots are more successful.

It's a shame that we don't get any real contact with the subject of the portrait. I think it's essential to see the eyes in this sort of picture. He looks worth asking to have another go... maybe best not to show him this one though

The churchyard scene looks much more promising - I agree that I think it's better to dispense with the yew tree (?) on the left. The main subject is the marvellous texture in the gravestone.

I've never done much B&W either - I was always a colour slide worker and find it difficult to "see" in mono. One day I'll post some of my efforts and await the comments!
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