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Re: Beginning Digital B&W

Originally Posted by shenstone View Post
don't hold back ...
Ok you asked for it

Swans:- 5/10

Such a lot of swans in one place just can't be good, and this proves the point...

There is just way too much bits of different swans
Black blobs of distraction in the top corners and the bottom RHS
Some of the white areas are just on the point of burning out
No detail in the black around the bill
No catchlight in the eye
Needs a much tighter crop

Harrold:- 6/10

At least you said sorry...

Lots of the white areas on the hat are burnt out
No detail in the black around the collar (but that's not so bad)
Can't see anything of the eyes. (probably the most important part of the face)
Again, needs a tighter crop.

Eglwysillian Church Yard:- 8/10

Exposure is very well balanced but just starting to burn out on the edges of the stone, which is otherwise very well rendered to bring out the texture.

There looks like some high ISO noise or some other effect creeping in (on the clouds)

The contrast between the stone and the tree is excellent, however cropping off the tree into a square format I think present a bleak image that better suits the sky

Depth of focus is extensive and used very well to maintain viewers interest across the whole image.

However as you say these are "some fairly ordinary pictures" and you are beginning Digital B&W. In which case these are Very Credible pictures for a 1st attempt. It's something you either love or live with but the rewards in producing a stunning B&W print often outweighs all the heartache in producing it.

I'd suggest you buy a copy of Black & White Photography or get a book on the subject (if you havn't already) and go "Old School" by looking for B&W images, with the camera set for B&W then look at what effect coloured filters have in altering the images. I'm still enthralled by the way a simple change of filter can make such a dramatic difference to a picture.

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