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Re: Nikon and Canon pursue more competition.

I don't think it'll put much much pressure on Olympus at all, except maybe in price and they'll lower the E-3 price another $100 or 200.

Olympus owner typically don't buy on specs; they buy on what the camera feels like and can do for them. Canon competes with Nikon and they're going to probably feel a lot of pressure. Olympus has a wonderful niche product, and probably no plans for moving up.

Again, look at the computer industry. There are Windows PCs that outspec virtually all Macs; more of everything with faster rated speeds. However, Apple does very well, and probably has more cash in the bank than any individual PC company. Plus their niche has expanded a bit in the last few years. Olympus isn't a company at all like Apple, but their camera division seems to work along roughly the same philosophical lines.


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