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Question Nikon and Canon pursue more competition.

To All,

In the past several days I have read on and PC World that Nikon has just released a new DSLR, N90 with some pretty good specs and price points here in the US.

The camera has a 12.3 APS-C sensor, can shoot at 4.5 FPS, and has a HD video capability at 24 FPS and at 1280x720 HD resolution-720P. The rear screen can shoot in a Live View Mode and the resolution of the screen is 920,000 pixels.

The price point is $999.95 for the body and $1299.95 with the kit lens which has image stabilization in it.

So based on these specs and price points, Olympus has its work cut out for themselves considering the E-3 does not sport a lot of these specs and that the Micro 4/3 models will contain live video but have less capability. I have an E-500 and E-520 and a host of lenses. If Olympus is going to compete on specifications, e.g. memgapixels, they will have to find a way to get more pixels on the 4/3 chip while improving the output quality. They might have to go with a Sigma based chip, Froen, and layer the Blue, Red, and Green sites to afford better management of the space available on the 4/3 factor.

Does anyone have any comments on this? I have established my rig-equipment on the Olympus 4/3 model, but the price for the N90 surely seems to have more of a bite than the E-3 for hundreds more. Where do you see this all going for Olympus and the enduser?


Dennis G
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