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Re: 4k screens

Hi there Willom!

I have also been having a look at the Dell inspiron 7000 series with the 4k screens - but have decided to leave it for now as I couldn't easily justify £700+ for one with a big SSD.

Instead I have picked up a second hand dell with a 15" full HD screen (1920 x 1200) to replace my current computer. Processor wise it's nothing special (Dual core 2.4GHz) but with my current small SSD and 1TB drive where the DVD should be it should suffice for the next couple of years, when hopefully the prices will have dropped.

One thing that I have noticed with my new computer is that with a 15" screen and all the text and icons set to normal size they are about as small as I could comfortably have them - to use a 4k screen I would have to increase the size of the icons which would for me negate the purpose of having the higher definition screen. Also I don't think that I could easily see individual pixels when editing photos if the resolution was any higher.

What I would really like is the Panasonic 4k Tablet - a 20" screen but only about 10mm thick with SSD and decent processor inside - the only problem is the cost - last time I looked that was "£4k" too!


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