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Re: How are we going to save the planet?

Originally Posted by Jim Ford View Post
Ah well, I have already done that!

I rescued a perfectly good Coutant 35V 5A power supply that was about to go into the skip because it wasn't regulating properly. A pair of new 2N3055's fixed that.

I rescued more than a dozen reams of very nice 100 gram paper from the back of a Range Rover that were about to be recycled because of a small logo at the bottom right of each sheet. (I think the business had either ceased trading or had changed their corporate logo.)

Best of all, shortly after we were married we bought a new Hoover from the electric light showrooms in Durham using a 30 trade in allowance - except we had nothing to trade in. The Saleswoman didn't seem bothered as long as she made a sale but a few weeks later we received a stroppy letter from the Electricity Board warning that if they didn't receive our old vacuum cleaner within two weeks they would add 30 to our electricity bill!

Following a trip to the tip and a 2 backhander I took great pleasure in visiting the electric light showrooms with the scruffiest, dirtiest Hoover you have ever seen. The expression on the Saleswoman's face when I handed it to her with gloved hands was priceless.

('Like a princess holding a Navvies dick' came to mind.)

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