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Re: How are we going to save the planet?

Originally Posted by TimP View Post
The Kenya thing, would it include zip-lock bags and the like?
Often carry a plastic bag or two, just to put things like shoes and dirty washing in.
I have not tested the authorities with a zip lock bag.

I must have a sign on my forehead which says "Mug-search me" ...

Most of the time, customs at the airport ask if I have anything to declare and when I do, they say 'have you a list of what it is and do you have the receipts'. Import tax is 40% tax. We then come to an agreement, without my bags being searched (usually).

In Feb this year it was my wife's birthday and a nephew in the UK who works for Dyson, asked if I could take her a Dyson Hairdryer, worth 349.

At customs, I was stopped and they asked me if I had anything to declare. I told the guy, I had a hair dryer in my hand luggage for my wife. He said 'Oh it can't be worth anymore than 10, he laughed and without seeing it, he said its not as though its $1000, then he said, there is nothing VAT'ble here' and told me to be on my way.

I think what they would be looking for a supermarket carrier bag, moreso than a little zip-lock bag that you will keep and not throw away. Last year at a police road block in Nairobi when my car was searched, I was caught by the police for having a black plastic bag in the boot. I pleaded ignorance and was let off with a small fine. From that, I learned to keep my car things in a cardboard box and never to carry any plastic bag.
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