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Re: Lightroom 3 - 50% OFF TODAY ONLY

Originally Posted by Melaka View Post
Thank you. Being somewhat of a tyro when it comes to digital enhancement I think I'll stick with what I can (just about) cope with.

My apologies for not responding earlier but today was my CAB day so incommunicado. I am, I believe from a survey of not long ago, one of the oldest members of this group and I think I am now reasonably proficient.

Lightroom need not, in my view be as intimidating is perhaps Ian suggests although grasping the niceties is non-trivial. Buy a couple of good books e.g. Martin Evening or Scott Kelby (if you can tolerate his strange sense of humour) plus Victoria Bampton's "Missing FAQ", watch a few tutorials on Adobe TV. There is also a very valuable LR Forum

It is important to grasp its concepts and think about one's workflow.

If I had to live with just one bit of PP software it would be LR.

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