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Re: Olympus 25mm f1.2 PRO vs PanLeica 25mm f1.4

There's a nice comparison of the dof effects of this lens vs the 1.8 Oly version on Rob Pugh's blog.

It's relatively absolutely massive: Rob says he'll be using it for street photography, but personally I think it'd be comically large for that! It's also too narrow for me for that.

How often would one _really_ use it between f1.2 and 1.79??? Or f1.2 and 1.39 in your case???

This is a crowded sector, also with the Voigtlander f0.9 and the Panasonic f1.7 and probably others I've forgotten, plus the 20mm.

I liked the images from the PL 1.4 I owned, but I'd comment that the design didn't give much of the classic Summilux "sharp centre and slightly dreamy peripheries" effect that the old 4/3 version did (and which I still rather miss). DXOmark didn't think it very special, but that means virtually nothing in real life usage.

I'm sure the 1.2 will give stellar test results and the weather proofing will be genuinely useful, but I return to my overall view that for me this would be a dead weight and volume in my kit for 99% of the time I was carrying it.

YMMD! But personally I'd rather put the dosh towards other things in the next year or two which will be more likely to improve all my photography or allow me to do things I can't at the moment (probably a 100-400, E-M1ii and some more photo workshops, in no particular order...!).

Too much Oly gear.
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