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Off camera flash and alternate flash units (speedlights) to the FL's

Hi All

My next challenge in my love of photography is a foray into the dark and mysterious world of off-camera flash shots, in the form of dusk/night time speedlight stuff. I love some of the shots I have seen in the strobist groups on flickr, especially with portraiture.

Now I appreciate, that when using a flash off-camera that unless you're using the FL-36r/50r you are not going to have TTL metering, and as such, most of the shots (as in the case of studio flash) are manually set up i.e. the camera and each of the flash units.

As I only have the single FL-50 flash unit, does anyone here have any suggestions as to which additional flash unit I could go for. I am assuming I don't need a very expensive one and could get away with one that, as long as it fires when the remote triggering system tells it to fire (iShoot triggers probably - maybe another thread on that one), and I can manually adjust the settings according to what I want, this all I need...?

I could purchase a FL-36 or two, but do I need to pay 100 for each of those when I could purchase other flash units that would do the job.

All advice welcome, thanks folks.

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