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Re: Virtually brand new Olympus gear for sale

Originally Posted by JackBenedict View Post
Why can't sellers just put prices to the kit they are selling. Nothing bugs me more than sellers offering goods for sale with no prices. If you want bidders then go direct to ebay.

This a forum - so let's have some openess here.

This is not the first time my comment has been echoed - so when are sellers going to wise up.
Gotta agree with this as well.

I'm also a member of TPf and AVforums, where sellers must post up a price and all trading to be done on the thread (in case of problems and for transparency), and it seems to work well.

In fact due to the itrader system at AVForums, i had no problems sending an iPhone over to a well established member and accepting payment after receipt (due to my lack of trader rating)

Maybe its time to review the for sale 'rule ans regulations' before the site gets a name for being a dumping ground where soon-to-be ex-e-group members can sign up just to get rid of their gear??
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