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Re: So what do you think about the E-P1?

I don't think this camera is aimed at the SLR user, as stated by many of you lack of viewfinder and only 2 lenses currently available will put off many SLR users. To my mind it will sell to the compact user who would like an SLR but doesn't want the size.

DP Review has an interview with Akira Watanabe, product planning manager of Olympus's SLR division. He says the emphasis in this model was to make it as compact as possible hence no flash or viewfinder. He states Olympus are now preparing a second model with electronic viewfinder. I think this is the camera which will be aimed at the SLR user.

He also had this to say about lenses, "In Spring, we will launch at least a wide zoom or a high magnification zoom after that we will listen to voices from the market. If customers request prime lenses first, they'll be first on our priorities list. These primes could follow the compact, 'pancake' design of the 17mm lens launched today: "this is our second pancake lens, following the 25mm F2.8 Four Thirds lens. The 25mm was very well accepted - better than we expected, so we will follow customer requests." The full interview can be read at

So while I think the EP-1 looks cute I'll hold off for the next model before I commit myself.

Ian C.
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