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Re: EC14/20advice

Both the EC20 and EC14 will work with all Oly lense, and I have also used a borrowed EC20 on my Sigma 50-500mm - and it works fine on that too. At that extreme one needs a lot of light as the max aperture was something like f8 or even more, but I did it mainly to see what sort of image quality could be ontained at 1000mm. Though it will work, the EC20 is really only best used on the faster prime lenses from Oly.

For all round use, as has been said the EC14 yields excellent results across all lenses and is a much better bet.

I am sure both would work on your Sigma 150-400mm but you will get much sharper results by using the EC14 on it.

Hope this helps Roger. Good luck. Oh, and do let us know what you do, and post some shots.

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