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Re: firmware update problem

Originally Posted by StephenL View Post
At present the only way is via Olympus software - Viewer 2 is the latest. As I said earlier, it doesn't matter if your internet connection fails during download, as the update to the camera will only start once your computer has downloaded the complete file. Just make sure you've got a freshly-charged battery in your camera and hope that your computer won't lose power during the update - I suppose the safest way for that is to either use an external UPS supply or a laptop connected to the mains but with a full battery "just in case".

Or it could be:

1. Download file to computer.
2. Copy file to camera memory.
3. Begin update of firmware from camera memory.

That would be safer - it's a pity Oly aren't more transparent about the process.

I'd be wary about using a laptop - mine seen to decide to go to sleep even when they're connected to the mains, no matter what I do with the power management settings.

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