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Re: Honestly, do you like autofocus?

Originally Posted by IPWheatley View Post
Here we goes again. Let me ask you two questions Steve. 1. Why did men like HCB and the rest use cameras like the Leica RF back in their day? Answer. Because it was the best available to them at the time. 2. If they were still around today would they now be shooting Digital? Answer. You bet your sweet life they would, they were innovators and would have embraced modern technology wholeheartedly.

My suggestion to you is to sell all your digital gear as you are obviously not happy with modern technology and go back to taking your fuzzy, grainy snaps exclusively. You seem to enjoy being a Luddite. Regards, Ian W.
Are you not aware that there are digital RFs - Leica make several and I own one. Manual focus of course. Ok I can't take successful pictures of 'birds in flight', but why would I wish to do so.

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