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Old 17th September 2017
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Re: Fens Falconry BIF meeting?

The price reflects that you will get lunch, 1 hour of dedicated tutorial about setting up and technique (and, specifically tailored to the EM1). This is followed by about 4+ hours with the birds, guidance and support from 4 falconers and 2 photographers.

Typically for a non-olympus photography day, charging around 120 is typical. I appreciate that 75 may seem a lot to some of you, but people's time and running costs isn't free either. In my experience of running these days, everyone goes away with improved technique (sometimes radically so) and fantastic images. The 75 figure is a considerable discount over the normal pricing.

If we get sufficient numbers, a modest reduction would be possible (maybe 60). You can go to a Falconry show, get no support and perhaps see 3 or 4 birds for half an hour for not much money at many places.

I went over to Fens Falconry yesterday. In addition to the usual barn, tawny owls, there are ural and eagle owls. Ferruginous Buzzard/Eagle, Steppe Eagle, Kestrels (Eurasian, Greater and American), Harris Hawks, Red Tail hawks also feature in the flying displays. Peregrine, Lanner, Lugger and red-footed falcons also fly in the demos. A new addition is a Black Kite, which is stunning. These birds are very fit and can sustain their flights. This is different from some venues where half the time is spent getting the birds to fly, with little actual flying.

I would ask you to consider the above in whether you really think 75 is excessive. This is a full-on best part of a day activity.

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