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Re: AP Review of E30

Originally Posted by 250swb View Post
I wouldn't take any notice of anything AP said about any camera, never mind a brand such as Olympus which they don't understand and don't generally like anyway. AP is no longer the wise journal that it was, but a partisan rag with a number of inept journalists working for it.

I think that's out of order. Just because you disagree with someone doesn't mean you have to descend to abuse. I find it disturbing that every time a journalist criticises Olympus products they are immediately vilified somewhere on the web (especially on other forums, which will remain nameless ).

Personally, I don't find AP "partisan" - although they do reflect the current market trend in giving space to the most popular brands. Why not? They still reflect major develpopments across brands, even when they are true minority products like Hassleblad and Leica. At the same time, they have not been afraid to criticise Canikon when they deserve it (early focus problems with the 1Ds III seem to stick in my mind...).

I find it difficult to understand any suggestion that Messers Demolder et al are "inept". Indeed, I would say their professional skills are of a higher order that those of most of the other photography periodicals. Some of those really do make me cringe on a regular basis.
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