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Re: Olympus 300mm F4 Pro Lens

Originally Posted by DavyG View Post
You're welcome Archie,

It's interesting that both of these lenses have been released at the same time.

If I understand correctly, the Panasonic at 400mm will be an aperture of f6.3, the Olympus 300mm with the MC-14 attached will give a focal length of 420mm with an aperture of, I think, f5.6.

This isn't a huge difference in aperture however, I think a lot will depend on the final image quality.

I haven't used my Oly 75-300 since I bought the 40-150 2.8 and the MC-14 as I found I was getting better images with the 40-150, MC-14 combo however, my wife prefers to use her 75-300 on her E-M10 and still produces good images.

It will be a difficult decision, I think the prime should deliver better images than the zoom will but with the loss of flexibility that the zoom provides.

I'll find it expensive if my wife decides that she would like the Panny 100-400 as I would also like the Oly 300mm, both purchases would depend on good reviews and performance of course.

Like you I have the 40-150 Olymps lens + MC14 and it is a considerable advance on the 75-300.
The other interesting point in the specifications is that the Olympus now has in lens stabilisation which can be used with the sensor stabilisation in the camera body. It looks as if Olympus and Panasonic have agreed a new protocol for the simultaneous use of both stabilisation methods.

Let us hope that there will be some early reviews to help in our decisions - finances permitting of course!

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