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Re: Depth of Field Preview with Live View?

Originally Posted by Jim Ford View Post
Someone posted the following on dpreview:

"One genius feature that you likely haven't thought about ;-) is that on the E3, you can focus on a 10x enlarged patch that can be moved around. The genius in this is, that you can (with product-shots for example) move this to a blurred part after focusing, and press the DoF button **while still zoomed in** and judge DoF on a NOT-darkened LV"

Now I would find this very useful, but it doesn't work for me. I can zoom in with live view to (say) 5x, but when I press the Depth of View button, the display reverts to 1x.

Can anyone confirm that it works?


DOF button reverts to 1x as well for me on my E-3. DOF looks to default to the standard information display rather than the enlarged display.
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