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Old 15th February 2009
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PMA rumour

I picked up this rumour on an American 4/3 site
My local dealer told me just yesterday (Feb 14) that Olympus is set to announce a new body "next week." It is supposed to sit between the E-520 and E-30. It replaces neither the E-520 nor E-420. It's a new class. This information is straight from the Olympus rep.

That's all I know. I apologize if this has been discussed elsewhere. I did not see it explicitly in the PMA Rumors thread.

My opinion: Given the general equality of street price between the E-30 and E-3, this is a good move by Olympus and possibly explains the seemingly high E-30 introduction price. I think the upgrade cost from E-520 to E-30 is a bit tough for many to swallow. An $800 (my guess) body may attract a lot of attention.

Jim Pilcher
Colorado, USA

My money would be on a full sized 4/3 body but with an EVF - eliminating the mirror box and leaving room for a very fancy new sensor.

Any other suggestions?

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