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Re: Need help with external microphones for video use..

Originally Posted by snaarman View Post
No, if they have some kind of in line battery pack, then you are ok, they should not need other power.

That mini mixer looks pretty good, though basic.

If you ever wanted to change to to more pro mikes or you want to do more complex mixing then something like this is better;

It has two convetional (3 pin) mike inputs, but you can use a line jack for your existing mikes instead. It also takes a stereo line in (CD or MP3 for those fancy videos...) These come in various sizes, this is the smallest. They go for 20 to 30 - however, thay are mains powered.. that might be a no-no for you.

Hope this helps..

That looks a bit complicated

Mains power isn't really any good for me for this application, but I'll bear it in mind.

The alternative is to use a compact gun mic attached to the camera - I'm going to try an Olympus ME-31;

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