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Re: An army of clones

Hi Nigel, no raw nerves touched, truly.
This discussion is in danger of tipping too far towards a digital v analogue debate, if it hasn't crossed the line already!
Odd maybe, but I like using "clunky" mechanical cameras with simple controls, the lack of automation, manual focus etc, oh and loading film and winding-on - just wish I owned one of the Ms having the knurled rewind knobs, eg M2, 3, 4, MP and MA with the tactile feel at your finger tips.
In terms of images, don't you think that digital is just too clinical in detail? (Probably why it's used extensively in medical imaging.) I also wonder why some choose to use digital but then try to emulate the so-called shortcomings of film in PP, eg the old school films such as Kodak Gold. Doesn't it make sense to shoot Gold in the first place, organically! As for B&W, digital is in the wilderness, it simply doesn't offer the results obtainable using film (yes the M246 comes close, but I'm repeating myself in saying this.)

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