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Re: Tony Northrup believes micro-four-thirds is dead

At some point m43 will die. As will APSC. Something else will come along as that is the way of technology. Personally I do not think it will be for some time due to the same technology advancing sensor performance which will enable our smaller format to thrive.

The key will be Olympus keeping true to the idea of small size as that is the big plus I here/see whenever people have changed from APSC or even FF. Phrases like"I'm taking more images as I always have my camera with me now" and " I'm really enjoying photography again" seem to be typical. The rumours about the 1X having a built in vertical grips therefore worry me if there is any truth in it as that does not sound like a small camera.

I think one growth area could be mirrorless medium format or even 5*4. Think of the latter if such a sensor could be developed at a cost less than it took to put a man on the moon or the average weekly wage of a footballer!! Cool eh?

I know I'm slipping into fantasy land. However, notwithstanding the financial aspect, I've thought more and more lately that if I was to change system I'd go mirrorless medium format as my still life/botanical/macro work increases and I don't need portability for that.

As regards Mr Northrup I stopped listening to him some time ago as he really irritates me now for some reason.

I've worked hard to be this grumpy. It hasn't been easy at times but it's worth it.
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