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Re: 17mm lens corrections

Interesting post.
The more in depth reviews online do illude to the software correction, some lenses are effected more than others.
The RAW converter I use (Capture One) automatically corrects for any distortion with inbuilt lens profiles. The neat thing is you can disable it and see the distortion if you want to.
I suspect the issue may be (and I'm no expert) the relative compactness of these very small but still relatively fast lenses. I would suspect the new f/1.2 primes require much less attention in this area, looking at the older 4/3rds legacy lenses which didn't require correction we can see that they are also larger (with a longer flange distance too of course).

The bottom line is that even with varying degrees of distortion correction most of the MFT lenses are excellent performers. The 17 f/1.8 is possibly the exception needing a little stopping down sharpen up across the frame.
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