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Re: Lens protection / Filter

To add a protective filter or not ... that is the question. People have different views.

- Adds some protection to minor knocks

- Adds protection from dust/salt spray

- Makes cleaning the lens in rain etc somewhat less stressful


- May affect image quality (unless you buy an expensive one). Much bigger deal on telephoto lenses

- May introduce flaring (unless you buy an expensive one)

- If you do knock the filter ring, it can deform and make it hard/impossible to remove from the camera

- If you drop the lens and the filter shatters then the glass shards will likely cause more damage than the drop itself

I personally never use them and am yet to scratch a lens. But, I always use lens hoods and am careful with my gear. If I were doing more photography in adverse weather or locations then I'd probably add one.

A skylight/1A is fine (but the filtering effect is rather pointless on digital). There are also plain glass special protective filters available these days too.
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