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Lens Confusion or GAS

What lens is good for what? I see these very open (f1.8..) lens’s and wonder whether I am missing out on something. My walkabout lens is the 12-50mm Zuiko. Max aperture is f3.5. But this lens gives me loads of flexibility when composing a photo.
Am I really missing a trick by not having that extra stop or two? The nearest equivalent lens is the 12-40mm Pro f2.8. Just how much better is this to what I have. It’s quite pricey in comparison.
As for sharpness, I am not unhappy with my 12-50mm. But then I cannot compare as I have never used the pro. I might hire the pro for a week and see how much better it is, if any! Of course, one’s photographic ability might be the overall factor, I may just not be able to make the most of the better lens dammit……….
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