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Re: No Manual Focus Assist with the 17mm 1.8???

Originally Posted by Ricoh View Post
I wasn't aware of the rectangle thing, thanks for the info.

Personally I find AF to be something akin to a focus lottery and I avoid it if I can. However, I think manufacturers have hit a gold mine here; it's so much easier to make a servo assisted focusing system without distance and DoF scales, plus the gubbins to make it work reliably.

Who in God's name thought AF was a good idea? Good for the lazy photographer, maybe.
Well Steve, I know you're a great street photographer so I hate to disagree with you - but manufacturers certainly don't invest all the effort they do in AF systems because it's "easy". They do it because AF is, for the vast majority of photographers, a fast and reliable method for getting sharp shots - shots which are often nowadays viewed at very high resolutions and taken with wide lenses with narrow DOF. The bar on what's acceptably sharp is higher than it's ever been.

And please, AF is not the refuse of the lazy photographer - it's the refuse of the smart photographer who learns how it works and uses it properly!
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