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Re: "Heads-Up" EM1 mk2 at Aperture for £1450

Originally Posted by Phill D View Post
Actually there is one sobering thought I wonder what the poor person sold it to Aperture for? that's quite a hit in a few weeks.
It 'may' have been a commission sale Phil, in which case that would equate to 20% of the sale, which in turn would mean a return to the owner of £1160.00 .... quite a 'hit' given how little use it must have had. If he/she sold it to them on an 'outright' basis I would think they likely got only half what they paid for it ... £900 -£950.00 .... now that's 'painful'. One other possibility is it was a P/Ex, if so probably got £1k or just above for it.

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