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Re: So are Olympus cameras too complicated?

Agree with that Ian. My ownership came from a long standing itch that I had, and I scratched the itch at some expense!
It's not for sport, bird photography, limited in the range of lenses available or indeed practical to use. The Typ 240 does have live view and off the sensor metering, but I don't use it. If I have a need for fast accurate focus and metering, I pick up my EM5. But for street photography, and that's what I do most, the M is unrivalled for the task in hand.

And I might add the Leica M240 does have its share of issues, such as shutter failures, (sensor corrosion on the M9). But fair to Leica they resolve the issues irrespective of the camera's age or whether you're the second, third or n'th owner.

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