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Re: Photoshop CS3 vs Mac

Originally Posted by DerekW View Post
Did you install 10.5.6 from the combo update or from the delta update. Many people recommend the use of the combo update.

I guess that you are using a Mac Pro - a colleague at the local Apple Club is having problems with Photoshop in that it does not do a Save as or something cleanly - I cannot remember the details. He was involved in a war of attrition between Apple and Adobe with Adobe saying that there was a problem in the Mac Pro and Apple saying that the problem was in Photoshop - a classic hardware versus software blame game. His wife was using the same versions of the software on an iMac and it was working fine.

I hope to find out if he has fixed the problem next time we meet.

Have you tried installing full MacOSX on a clean partition and updating it to the current level and then installing Photoshop to see if the problem occurs.
Hi Derick. In answer to your querries the mac is a G5intel chip and I don't understand your first question.....what is "combo update and what is "delta update" I do not understand these two questions

as to your second para the program either Photoshop or Bridge crashes with an error message and the error message is always generated as a PS message which indicates to me that it is Photoshop not connecting properly with the operating system.
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