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Re: What will be the substance of the announcement

Originally Posted by Chevvyf1 View Post
Paul, thanks for a TERRIFIC post ... I also believe that the older generation are not "quite into disposable camera kit" as younger generations ... I have given away two of my E-1s and still have 2 and an EP20 and my E-5 is likely to join them ... in happy retirement (I use my kit too much to be worth selling my E-5 with 60,000 shutter actuations now in 2 years )

4/3rds will die with the generation who bought Video 2000 or Betamax because it was technically superior ...

There will soon be a lot of cheap 4/3rds lenses as it is ridiculous to put heave SHG on a small lightweight body ...

Just look at the technological developments in lens power on iPhones ; iPads and their Genre'

as I have said before look also at the Technology Olympus have in imaging for the Medical markets and hi tech Computer developments ...

I wonder if, the OM-D actually has much "inside at all" a little like "Stereo systems" seemingly large (as the buyer sees value for money as SIZE & POWER RELATED ) ...

reminds me of the Industry "Empty Box Routine" of the early 1980's in software upgrades for duff and bug riddled software, Jazz was one application ... of hundreds ...
I'm suggesting that Four Thirds lenses could rise in value if the new camera delivers.

The current range of Olympus Four Thirds lenses are all still officially in production, by the way. I checked!

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