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Re: What will be the substance of the announcement

Originally Posted by Phill D View Post
"If my assumptions, expectations and guesses prove to be true, the group whose concerns will not be addressed will be users of the E-4xx, E-5xx and E-6xx ranges, mainly because many will be unable to afford the new camera. It is those photographers that I really feel for."

That's an interesting point John as one of those concerned that gives me two options either to wait for price drops when a further generation model is released or to sell up and go for a different system in the short term. The release price will probably be the determining factor for me, if it's too high then I'm afraid my patience won't hold out and I'd probably jump for something like a Pentax K5 (current body available for 500). So effectively the more over 500 the new camera is will be balanced against how much I'd rather stay with Oly lenses and how the EVF feels against a large OVF. If the new camera body only is in the 1000 or over range like the EM5 was at release then I'm going to have a very difficult decision.
Phil as someone who went that route my advise is don't ,you will probably be disappointed once the shine off a new toy wears off.

The K-30 I used has a slightly better AF than than the K-5 and it is only slightly better at CAF than my E-30 was and thats debatable, and for static subjects it tended to miss critical focus a lot more times than my E-PL5 ever does. Anti shake is about on a par with the Oly 2 axis system as is image IQ which is not surprising as they share the same sensor. Auto metering and exposure are well below par compared to Olympus.

I really was not going to say anything about comparing the E-M5 to other systems even when Ian hinted at it, but as a friend after seeing your post I felt I should.

So here goes I changed to the E-M5 not because of all the hype but because I was leaving the K-30 kit at home most of the time due to weight and the fact that image wise my E-PL5 was producing the goods just as well at a third of the weight.

So when the E-M5 arrived I was not expecting much of a revelation but did I get a surprise, I love the handling it is reminiscent of a slightly scaled down Minolta X11 which was my favourite camera of all time.

AF is fast and accurate and the EVF is a delight to use, its great to be able to turn the front dial for exposure compensation and see the exposure change in the viewfinder, what you see is what you get and I have not made a under or overexposed shot since I have had it.

As I have said before my hands are not the steadiest now but with the 5 axis stabilization in the E-M5 my keeper rate has doubled and at slower shutter speeds than I would dared have tried before.

CAF is not that hot but as Iansky pointed out in another thread it is easily got around and because the SAF is blisteringly fast thing like planes and my dogs running do not present that much of a problem using that technique.

So my advise try a E-M5 and if you like it wait till the new one comes out which will be way to expensive but the price of the E-M5 will probably drop from it's present 784 to just under 600. Why do I say that, well the free 200 grip offer ends about the time the new OMD will be announced/released.
Regards Paul.
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