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Re: What will be the substance of the announcement

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
My biggest worry with your list of points is the purity of Four Thirds you feel you need. For a long time now (well over a year) I have publicly declared that there is no sense in doing a Four Thirds 'only' camera unless there is a simple make-over of the E-5.

But let's look at the E-5, many say it's too big and heavy, the AF isn't good enough, it's loud and unrefined compared to the E-M5 and E-P5 and it only shoots at 5fps. The viewfinder is a major feat considering the relatively small sensor and mirror, but in reality EVFs are the way to go; they aren't perfect yet but they offer much more than a conventional SLR finder.

Meanwhile, Micro Four Thirds is a success story and it offers a high degree of compatibility with Four Thirds lenses.

So for me the challenge that Olympus had to set itself was to build a camera that satisfied both users of Micro Four Thirds lenses and Four Thirds lenses. This is my favourite solution and it seems to be the one that the FTU poll favours as well.

I don't think anyone expects Olympus to satisfy absolutely everyone. That would be miracle. In the end whether or not each of us decides we like the new camera it will be a very personal point of view.

Having just written on another thread that this new camera will be a critical one for me and where my photography goes next, there are aspects of your reply above that slightly worry me with regard to the possible specifications of the new camera -
  • electronic viewfinder now sounds likely - eeks;
  • smaller size - ooh limited space possibly restricting LCD size/buttons/dials;
  • improved AF - hurrah;
  • mft/ft lens compatibility - well I can see that this will suit Olympus due to past mft sales which are now declining and ft lens owners who are now looking elsewhere, but will it offer a reliable sturdy, well sealed solution? Perhaps only time will tell, and it does have some interesting potentials;
  • "not expected to satisfy absolutely everyone" - well it looks like we do perhaps have to be prepared to see a modified mft solution that is trying to be a 'jack of all trades', but I worry that while mft sales decline, DSLR sales hold fast in some quarters decline in others, mobilephones take over the marketing departments, etc., etc., Olympus is losing clarity in the enthusiast market while trying to live in the consumer market.

It looks like its going to be an interesting launch - I hope that it's a pleasant and rewarding surprise for me!!

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