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Re: new OM-D user ;)

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Thanks Ross much appreciated. funny thing is, I've switched it back on now as it was rather odd without it.

Last night I couldn't resist having a compare with my olympus xz-1. I had an image that I had taken with both. There isn't that much in it to be honest which put me in a bit of a bad mood

Handling is obviously much better and speed of focus but thats about it. If you don't pixel peep really can't tell any difference; Makes you think!
I have 4 mpx images from panasonic bridge cameras still in exhibitions all around the world, so on the face of it I can understand your concerns!

The difference is that the conditions at that time, ie light etc., were such that just about anything would have made a good image. The difference by using a good system camera, is the versatility and flexibility available to the photographer. The OM-D is an excellent system camera, so please don't fret that your compact is competing with it. Another day and another situation and you will be pleased to have the OM-D with you....I promise.
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