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Re: That Castle Again

Aye, have you been standing next to that sign that says 'Don't stand on th e wall?'
A fine picture but I would agree that you needed a wee bit more height to separate the castle from the far shore. Check the ground on the other side of the road next time you go by. (in daylight). Get back a bit and use a longer focal length.
My colleague 'got the light' for the cover of the new guide from the west shoulder at 5am in high summer.

Floodlighting; Historic Scotland does not approve of floodlighting for a variety of reasons. e.g. damage to archaeology in installing cables. It does not own any floodlighting at any monument. They are all usually there at the behest of local councils who pay for it all including running costs although HS carries out the maintenance. Occasionally a system is installed as a gift by someone. HS has in recent years gone over where possible to energy saving systems. This includes looking at timings. There are not too many tourists beside Loch Ness at 3am in January! And its not there to impress the monster!
And that's why the lights are not on at that time of day.
A solution might be 1 hour earlier with just a hint of light in the sky and to use a large (5,000,000 candlepower) torch. Use a longish exposure and play the torch on the building. (drawing it down from the top so as not to light the grass)

Lots of toys.
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