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Re: Anyone else got this with their EM-5?

Originally Posted by Zuiko View Post
Ah, I do use a large tripod plate ...

Can anyone recommend a good Q/R plate of the correct size?
I use a model 'B9' Acra compatible plate from Really-Right Stuff. It is square and has a shallow anti-rotation flange. You can fit it with the fllange at the front or back - so it wouldn't interfere with the viewfinder deployment. See here for details:

They also make some smaller Acra compatible Q/R plates - which are intended for P&S cameras but would probably be OK with an EM-5 or the PENs unless you were using a heavy lens.
See here:

Some words of caution are relevant. RRS products are excellent quality and priced accordingly! In addition they only sell direct and the shipping charges from the USA (even for such a small item) will add at least $36 to your price. There is also the Import duty and it's collection fee to pay at this end - so the total cost to you is heading towards 65 !!
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