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Re: The Seaham Excursion

Originally Posted by jdal View Post

Brilliant! Thanks.

We now need a date. I'm pretty much out of action at weekends until 16th June. I notice that on Sun 24th June there is a low tide at 13:24, which sounds ideal. (from this site)
Just to add clarity to this as my brain needs organising and we don't seem to have made this a definite event -

Are we all happy to agree that the following:
  • That we will have an E-Group meet at Seaham
  • To make the best of the low tide, we will meet at 11am, Sun 24th June 2012 at Noses Point car park on the site of the old Dawdon colliery(see Google Earth folder with key parking and walking options at - there is a drystone wall / sculpture / seating area just to the east side of the car park that makes for a good rendevous point.
  • There are perhaps two main options for anyone attending this event -
  • - Upper level, mainly on the flat, purpose made footpaths or along grass tracks on top edge of the cliffs, exploring the views of the coast and wildlife of the magnesium limestone habitat - option to use easier access down onto Blast beach or to carry on to Hawthorn Dene area
  • - Lower & upper level, steep descents down to the beachs, explore low tide Blast beach and rocky foreshore, then continue on to Hawthorn Dene and beach (steep, stepped descent), back along through the wildlife meadows/cliff tops, etc. - option to see WWI training trenches - more walking involved.
  • If time allows, late afternoon could be a good time to explore Seaham harbour by relocating to the North Road car park in Seaham. The tide will be higher and if the day is windy then the waves can be good!

Bring picnic, walking boots, walking stick if taking steep route down to Blast Beach (it always scares me, so you can use the longer alternative route down!), camera (!), waterproofs (well, that might just scare off all this rain we're having), etc., etc.
As with any car park anywhere in the country be sensible with not leaving valuables in your car! This car park is well used at weekends and should have plenty of space.

We could perhaps arrange pick-ups for anyone needing a lift to Seaham from Newcastle or Tyne Valley and perhaps other areas of the north, so please, if you have space in a car or if you need a lift, let us know.
You can also get to Seaham by train and by bus (Route 60, bus stop at Byron Place which is the new shopping centre near the harbour).

Please check this thread for any changes to the above before the day - this is just the first draft until others agree or disagree!

For those interested, there is a good video showing what this area used to look like when it was a desolate dumping ground for colliery waste, and what it looks like now -
Leaflets can also be downloaded at

I'm looking forward to seeing a good turnout from the northern contingent for what is a spectacular location if the weather holds fair - it has so many different aspects to photograph. I was further up the coast at Cresswell on Saturday photographing sea anglers, and the coast was beautiful and the waves spectacularly lit by perfect sunlight.

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