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Re: Precious Colors

Thanks for the link. I did these in the open, because I wanted to use the sun light instead of any artificial light. In fact I had used LED's before that - not like the setup you advised - but some strong and focused headlamp. If you get the WB correct, then it's no big deal at all. But, I was just playing here anyways ...

Originally Posted by wanderer View Post
Nice idea. I wonder what difference a polariser would make?
I don't think it would just reduce the highlights but may do something else.
I vaguely remember looking at rocks through polarized light in Geology at University many years ago.
I used to look quite a bit through a polarizing microscope in my Geological Instute as well actually, I have one worn old fellow pol-mic at home. But those gems just dont fit in it
A screw on pol filter is an option I could play with of course. But, as you might recall, it would not do anything like seen in thin sections, because the second (analysator) pol-filter is lacking. I would need polarized light to illuminate the subject, to begin with. The light coming from the computers LCD screen does offer this, but my poor mans gems just lack the clarity to make use of it.

As I said, this was just a play around and I was quite happy with the outcome and the looks ...
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