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Re: Sigma 1000 mm F:3.5 OM mount ?

Hi Flemming,

Regarding the 1000 mm F13.5: what application area did you have in mind? Wildlife/bird photography?

In addition to what others have written I would like to share my view since I recently mounted a spotting scope on a DSLR body, hence turning it into a 1500mm F12.8 with narrow angle of view (1.5 degrees or so).
- F13.5 will produce a dark image in the viewfinder and it will be difficult to focus through the viewfinder and sine the DOF is shallow there is a risk of poor yield.
- I would definitely recommend using a tripod to eliminate shake blur.
- Handheld: Weight is 1kg according to spec so it is feasible. IS may help a bit but you will need shutter times shorter than 1/1000s for handheld shooting. In sunny conditions (EV15) this is achievable with ISO 800, but in cloudy conditions (EV13) handheld will be a challenge. A monopod or other improvised support will help.
- Diffraction could be noticeable and produce soft images.

But at £70 is sounds like a good deal.

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