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Re: Hyperfocal distance and other depth of field hints

Originally Posted by Howi View Post
The distance scale on many lenses is not adequate to set Hyperfocal distance, indeed some lenses dont have any scale whatsoever.

This should NOT prevent you from being able to set the hyperfocal distance so long as you have something to focus on in the scene you are shooting, at or around the hyperfocal distance. You will have to estimate the distance, focus on something at that distance and lock the AF, then recompose and shoot.

The 4/3 format has positive benefits here due to the enhanced DOF over full frame (35mm).

I assume most DOF calculators assume 35mm lenses, we just need to halve the size e.g 50mm standard 35mm would be 25mm 4/3, and away you go.
A good DOF calculator will offer you choices for sensor size, usually by make and model of camera.

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