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Re: Which magazines do you read?

I rarely buy photo magazines, in my opinion they are a waste of time and money. I'm often tempted when I browse them, in WH Smith, but I am generally only attracted by a couple of items. The artcles are generally quite sketchy in their two or three pages of info, but when you take out the pictures there is very little to read. There is much more and better information to be gleaned from the web, with the various forums and review sites - magazine reviews never give an unbiased report - marketing forces see to that!
The only time I would buy one is to look up the shop price of equipment; even that can be done on the web, so I think that the British magazine is dead.
I have a place in France and I also lived in Germany for a long time. You will find far better in-depth articles in their magazines regardless of subject: the only snag, of course is that speaking French and/or German is something of an advantage.

So the answer to the original Forum question is: none of them are popular with me!
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