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E-Group Forum and Posting Pictures


I have a couple of questions which I'm going to post in this one thread.

1. Albums - I have created an album from User Control Panel > Networking > Pictures & Albums > A Winter's Day

It can be found here

However, when I go my Gallery none of the pictures or the album itself are to be found

What am I doing wrong?

2. Compression - In order to post in the album above I exported the photos from Lightroom, specifying the longest side should be 600 pixels and in order to stay below the 99.7kb I set the resolution to 72pixels per inch and the quality of the compression to 30.

The photos in the album have quite bad banding and noise as a result. This is particularly noticeable in this shot

What settings should I have used?

3. Exif - How can I view the exif data of photos that people have posted either in the gallery or in threads?

4. Posting photos in foto fair - Based on the above do people usually link to photos in their E-group album, or do they normally embed a link from another website eg flickr in order to get the best quality and accessibility to exif data.

Thanks for your help, David

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