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Re: A day in the diary of a BMW driver

Originally Posted by Zuiko View Post
Yes, it's wrong to generalize but around here, at least, there do seem to be a sizable minority of BMW and Audi drivers who regularly live up to the reputations they have earned. The last two occasions I have witnessed dangerous driving were both Audi drivers (the most recent only this morning) which makes me wonder if the BMW owners are in danger of losing their crown!
I have a friend, who as a child had a tricycle. If we had a race on our bikes to the farm gates, he always had to beat everyone else through those gates. Last year he offered me his M4 at a significantly reduced price. The need for speed and being the one in front is something he has never lost, he has always been a winner. I thought, you dont buy a BMW to drive slow. I decided to decline his very kind offer.
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