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Re: (FT4) Coming soon: New E-M1II firmware update

About time too!

Part of the reason for me spending my hard earned on the E-M1ii was the promise of several firmware upgrades, they were all part of the pre and post-sales talks by Olympus UK.

The E-M1 got up to V4 with several major changes to the camera's capability, and this was part of the appeal for the E-M1ii...

I had started to feel let down, given the way the E-M1i was dropped for firmware developments as soon as the E-M1ii came out...

With the "promise"of a E-M1x I was starting to think the E-M1ii had missed out on the feature additions... I just hope this isn't just a bug fix! but genuine enhancements to the auto focus system as "promised"... time will tell!

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