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Remote Control

As the EM-5 II can be controlled by radio from a smartphone, I would have thought that a small radio control would have been sold by someone. I do not have a smartphone, and do not want to carry the associated bulk, but have several applications where remote shutter release would be handy.

I have only seen systems which use a receiver mounted on the accessory shoe, and a seperate transmitter. While this operates very well on my G2, they all have bulk and weight penalties - although small - and use a rather long 'curly' wire to connnect with the camera.

They also all use a straight USB connector, which inevitably causes the cable to become caught, and to bend sharply near to the connector. A right-angled connector would be a great improvement, but again no-one seems to sell such an item. Some third-party cables are available, but they also use a straight connector, and are invariably far too short to be used.

All I need is a small transmitter, similar to the infra-red type sold by Nikon etc. In view of the obvious weight and bulk advantages of MFT, I am surprised that Olympus or Panasonic have not produced such an accessory. They have not done their customers any favours by jumping on the 'Smartphones are the answer to all problems' bandwagon.

Any ideas?
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