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Re: Nikon Mirrorless

Originally Posted by Jim Ford View Post
Ignoring MF digital cameras, I've never understood why FF aka 35mm format is considered the 'be all ' of digital camera formats. The 35mm format is based on an early 20th Century cine film format - there's nothing magical or a technically compelling reason to adhere to it.

There's nothing special about any particular sensor size - it's just down to square mm. I guess FF has stuck since the 135/35mm format brought with it a huge catalogue of lenses and lens designs that could be drawn on. FF is also arguably a sweet spot of size/IQ that still seems to work today.

On the narrower point of these new Nikon cameras, I have a colleague who is a big Nikon DSLR fan - D850 and D500 plus all the best lenses. He's tried Olympus m43 but couldn't cope with the loss of IQ (he's a big pixel peeker ). He doesn't get these new Z cameras at all - his point is that although the body is a little smaller than the equivalent Nikon DSLRs, the lenses are just as big. He also thinks that for sport (he does a lot rugby shooting) his D500 is still head-and-shoulders above what any mirrorless can do. I think he's got that right actually.

I suspect these new FF mirrorless cameras will mean that Nikon will lose interest in their APSC DSLRs. I can't imagine them being able to simultaneously advance FF DSLRs, FF mirrorless and APSC DSLRs. I suspect the same might be true for Canon, whose EOS-M (crop APSC) seems to be doing very well. I can see that replacing their crop consumer DSLRs pretty quickly.
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