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Re: A Monochrom(e) Oly?

Originally Posted by Bikie John View Post
Going back to Ian's original thoughts again, what would Oly get from selling a B&W-only body? I suspect that for the system cameras it would be a very niche market, possibly even more limited than IR-converted bodies. Those of us who are into it deeply enough have probably developed our own B&W workflows by now anyway.

But what about a lower-budget compact? In the dying days of film, Ilford sold disposable 35mm cameras loaded with HP5. I think they were quite popular - I remember going to weddings where there was at least one on every table. Lomo, Holga etc. have tapped into a retro market which uses a lot of B&W film. With some smart design and marketing a B&W compact that can deliver very high quality but with a bunch of software filters to get the Lomo look might find some takers.

My preference would be for a fast fixed focal length lens, angle of view roughly equivalent to 40mm on 35mm film and f/1.8 or so, and bulletproof like a Tough. Persuading the likes of Adobe to process the raw files might be interesting!

"Niche market..."
You could be right, but Leica sees a big enough market to release not one but two. A third the M10M will follow shortly.
The M246 was the only reason Ralph Gibson migrated to the 'dark side'.

"In the dying days of film..."
Ha, film is only dead for the people who don't use it, the lazy photographers.

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