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Re: A Monochrom(e) Oly?

Originally Posted by Ricoh View Post
How many 'colour' B&W photographers see images in tones of grey, thinking they'll tweak the yellow or orange sliders in post.
When I started digital I certainly didn't. I would export to SEP2 and play with the sliders, often with disastrous and unnatural effects. Moving on, I choose subjects based on my perception and use filters - mainly yellow and orange - at capture time. It's better to preconceive than play in post production - especially if learning and retention is part of the plan.

While I respect your point of view, I think it's a personal one. My own view is that the creative options for converting from colour to mono are potentially much greater. Of course it requires a certain skill and more work. Using lens filters for mono also requires skill, although these filters can only modify one colour at a time and you can't modify the intensity conveniently. in the end all of the above are creative options and that has to be positive.

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