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Re: Canon to Go Big in Mirrorles

The knee jerk response is to laugh at them for being so late, but Canon has massive resources so Iím not laughing; while Nikon, although small and in financial trouble globally, has a close relationship with Sony and they might be working quite closely together. Anyway, Iíll leave that to all those armchair CEOs who are able to spend so much time on dpreview (680 comments, and counting)

It will be very interesting to see what decision Canon make about their bayonet. To capitalise fully on the size and weight advantages of mirrorless they should of course leave all their installed base in the gutter and introduce a new lens range. That would require use of adapters for the old gear, with attendant failure risks of complexity, leaks etc. Alternatively they could stick with the old, and Sony would forever have a (admittedly modest) size and weight advantage.

Too much Oly gear.
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