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Re: Canon to Go Big in Mirrorles

Originally Posted by Ricoh View Post
If you look at the graphs, the number of cameras sold world-wide, mirrored and mirrorless, is in decline. The casual photographer is more than happy with the phone in their pocket that can also connect to Instagram, Twitter etc, and make calls and/or text.
Yes, but what growth there is is in mirrorless. It's still a big market too, so 50% (Canon's target) represents a huge revenue potential. In FF mirrorless Canon and Nikon have been sleeping for four years whilst Sony has been building a strong base unopposed. Just dumb.

Originally Posted by Harold Gough View Post
Hopefully, Olympus will see this as a threat.

Well, FF and m43 do have some separation so it's nothing like the threat that Sony will see. There is some overlap for sure, but TBH Sony FF is already a threat. In the US, the A7iii is not a lot more expensive than the EM1ii and Panasonic G9.

I think m43 stlll has advantages over FF:

- Smaller and lighter in general (although the latest Pro lenses are blurring the limits to some degree). In principle, this will always be the case - covering a sensor 4x the size will always need more glass.

- Better for long-lens use. Crop factor helps a lot. The 300mm f4 is a 600mm equiv FF lens and such beasts are huge.

- Enormous lens catalogue. Even Sony FF, after 4 years, is a long way behind in coverage and quality.

- Price - even though m43 is now more expensive than it's ever been, it's still cheaper, esp in terms of top-quality lenses compared to FF.

- Camera features - my E-M1ii will still do things that Sony A7 cameras won't do - LiveComp/View, Focus Stacking, 6.5 stops of IBIS

Of course, many people will come to different conclusions - but I doubt having Canon or Nikon FF equivalents to Sony will make that much of a dent in Olympus.
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